Students Recognize Maintenance Problems on Campus

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COC has experienced a vast amount of growth since it first opened in 1969, but students have noticed that many of the older buildings and halls are not up to par with the newer facilities

“I think our campus is among the cleanest and best maintained anywhere, and we constantly receive compliments from visitors,” Eric Harnish, public information officer of COC, says.

Many parts of COC seem properly maintained, well managed, and students enjoy the use of the new facilities. However, there seems to be a different opinion about the older buildings.

“I just think there’s a lot of focus on the newer buildings,” said COC student Abby Parker.

One problem with the older buildings seems to be the amount of maintenance and attention that the bathrooms in the buildings receive.

Surprisingly, other students that were asked about COC’s bathrooms seemed to be somewhat content with the facilities. Students are exposed to different environments depending on where that student takes their classes.

“For the most part, everything is pretty clean. I know that the newer structures are the cleanest, but everything seems pretty okay,” reports student Sean Aguirre.

For art students who often have classes in Mentry, there tends to be a different story.

“It can be gross at times. The other students on all of the other parts of the campus should be able to walk into a clean environment as well,” said art student Sidney Ortega.

Broken chairs, dead outlets, and cramped hallways seem to be a norm for older buildings while the new buildings are filled with plushy chairs, and comfortable students.

“If it’s older and you compare it to something that is newer, the newer one typically looks better,” explains Harnish. “One is obviously going to look better than the other. It doesn’t reflect on any difference in care or anything like that, it’s just a matter of appearances.”

Officials report that they are updating the facilities master plan, which may include a future upgrade on old facilities. However, if you see a problem in or around campus that you feel needs some special attention, contact campus staff and report it.

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