Opinion: The homeschool life

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By Emily Hildalgo

Homeschooling is a school system where kids can be educated at home by their parents. Well, that’s what a majority of people think homeschooling is. Do you ever wonder what homeschoolers do every day? Would you be shocked to find out that homeschoolers actually complete schoolwork every day just like a normal public schooler? Crazy right? Most people like to think that homeschoolers do nothing but laze around all day, not complete any school work or learn anything, and go to amusement parks. Although I did go to amusement parks often, but only after doubling my school work so that I did not miss a day of school.

I have been homeschooled since 3rd grade and have always been asked how homeschooling was, and if I liked it. The way I was homeschooled was through a charter school, and every twenty school days a person that works for the charter school would come out and review my work in all subjects and then report back to the school. It’s like a public school because if the work was not completed, there would be consequences. Of course each family has their own beliefs and ways of doing homeschool, so not every family or kid will be exactly the same. Homeschool isn’t what most people think it is, and I think more kids should be homeschooled. In my opinion, homeschooling has actually better equipped me for college. Here are two reasons why I think more kids should be homeschooled.

Firstly, homeschoolers have an advantage with online classes. With technology growing rapidly, more and more programs are available online and on multiple electronic devices. When I was homeschooled, half of my classes were online. I was able to take Spanish, a health class from BYU, math, and other online courses. When I started at COC, I signed up for a couple of online classes and I didn’t have to worry about the class being online because I was already used to online class formats. I know that a majority of college students do not like online classes because they find it difficult to follow the course and to keep themselves accountable for completing the school work. If more kids were homeschooled they would be used to online classes and there would be a need for more online classes.

Secondly, homeschoolers have an advantage with a jump start at college. Homeschoolers are able to take more than the normal amount of credits each school year, take responsibility and set goals for completing assignments, and are able to graduate early from high school. I know this from experience because I was able to graduate one year early from high school by taking a lot of units each semester and then I was able to start college at COC right after I graduated. My siblings have also graduated a semester early from high school.

If more kids were homeschooled, they would be able to exit high school faster, start college earlier, and get jobs in the real world quicker. Homeschoolers also have the opportunity to study on their own and keep themselves accountable. Most people think homeschoolers sit in a room with their siblings and have their mom teach them each subject. That might have been true when you were in kindergarten but not when you are able to study on your own. Personally, I always read all my books and completed all my assignments without my parents help. I followed the instructions in the books and in the online classes and I didn’t need a teacher to teach me. Homeschoolers have an advantage when it comes to listening to a teacher and completing homework assignments

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