Opinion: If citizens are armed will we be safe?

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By Kurt Gillenberg0

Last month, our nation was once again rocked by another tragic episode of gun violence on a college campus.

The shooting occurred at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon, by the end of the day 12 were confirmed dead and at least 20 injured, the shooter himself later taking his own life before the police could get to him.

Immediately following this event, gun rights activists used this tragedy as an excuse to push for more gun rights. Some believing that if students had been armed in that classroom, at least one of them could have been able to stop the shooter, stating that “the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is with a good with a gun”.

Courtesy USA Today
Courtesy USA Today

This myth has been in the minds of gun activists for quite sometime, unfortunately tragic events like the shooting in Roseburg have only added fuel to the fire.

I would honestly like to say that these events are few and far between but we all know they are not. Gun violence like this happens every day and most do not even get reported. Since the Sandy hook shooting in December 2012 there have been 74 reported school shootings in the United States and 274 instances of mass shootings in 2015 alone, we can all agree that gun violence is a real and terrifying realty in today’s day and age and based off the numbers I just stated, it happens all too often.

Many believe that if citizens had been armed in these situations, the shooters could have been stopped before they hurt anyone.

Though in most of these instances of gun violence there were some citizens that had a concealed weapon actually on them but in the confusion of the situation they were afraid to get involved or accidentally end up shooting the wrong person.

Oregon is one of the few states that actually allow students to carry guns on campus thanks to a law that was over turned in 2011.

On the Umpqua Community College campus there were indeed a few students who were armed, John Parker Jr a student of the college and air force veteran was armed on campus during the time of the shooting.

He originally stated to the press that “We made the choice not to get involved, we were quite a distance away from the building the shooting was taking place, which could have opened us to be potential targets.” He later changed his story when he was talking to Fox News stating that “the school staff prevented him from helping.”

Just because everyone is armed doesn’t mean that we will be safe and never be put in a situation like other similar shootings in the past.

Most advocates of citizens carrying in public is that if the shooter knew others were armed that it would be a deterrent to him or her causing violence. Though if you look at most of these mass shootings, the shooter themselves went into this as a suicide mission fully knowing that their life would end, either by their own hand or suicide by cop.

Will you feel safer with everyone armed or more at risk?



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