Opinion: Abortion is always complicated

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By Haley Davidson

I believe that abortions shouldn’t be illegal, but there should be limitations on when or for what reasons they are done.

For one thing, I don’t think the government should have so much say on what a woman should or should not to with her own body. It does not seem reasonable to force a woman to carry a pregnancy if she can’t. Obviously an abortion should be okay if there was a rape incident, and no woman should have to be forced to carry out that pregnancy and be forced to live with the memories of what happened to her.

In terms of using abortion as a form of contraception, that is definitely not okay in my opinion. A woman should not just be able to go and get an abortion just because she was irresponsible in failing to use any other method of protection. I am also aware that after the first trimester of pregnancy, the baby already has a heartbeat. I believe a woman should only be able to have an abortion after the first trimester only if it is determined that the pregnancy will have complications or will do harm to the mother. If the pregnancy is going well, under no circumstances do I think an abortion is appropriate.

As for if the baby is going to have some sort of birth defect like downs syndrome or something similar, I am not sure where my opinion lies with this argument. There is a thin line here. The baby could have a shorter life span due to the defect, or could suffer a complicated life of bullying and such. I do not know if these are reasons to abort a pregnancy though.

If the mother wants an abortion due to being at a young age, I think there is a little wiggle room. If the mother is 14, it should be okay because the pregnancy could do harm to such a young girl, especially since the girl would most likely be in school and may not even be getting the right nutrition. If the girl is 16 or 17, the situation is still iffy because  the same circumstances exist as a 14 year old, but the older is teen is likely more mature and can handle more responsibility. A 16 or 17 year old is on their way to being seen as an adult, and if anything adoption is always an answer. The young mother may be looked at differently by their peers for getting pregnant at such a young age, but that’s always something the women should think about before getting themselves into that situation.



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