New grant allows for free cat adoption

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The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has granted nearly $1 million to Los Angeles Animal Services and to the County of Los Angeles Department of Animal Care & Control  to partially cover standard fees and veterinary services for cats in an effort to encourage pet adoptions.

“When people think of adopting a pet, it’s mostly dogs,” said Castaic Animal Care Center manager Karen Stepp, and explained that, “people love kittens, while it’s very hard to find a home for adult cats.”

According to the Department of Animal Care and Control, in Los Angeles County alone there were 1,193 cats were adopted this year, compared to the 6,978 cats that are euthanized.

“Most cats come to the shelter as owner surrender” explained Stepp, “oftentimes people get a younger cat who doesn’t get along with the old one, so they just get rid of the old one.”

Another factor to take into consideration before buying a cat is that, although they tend to be more independent than a dog, a cat is a responsibility that requires daily attention. Although cats are stigmatized of being more solitary it is important that their owners still can provide them with an attiquate amount of love and company.

Stepp describes that the process of adopting a cat is very simple; a person can go to the office shelter with an identification code of a cat, then after the employees make sure that the pet is available for adoption, you would normally pay a fee.

“But thanks to the grant it’s all free now,” Stepp said. “You could pick it up the same day or in a few days; as soon as it gets fixed. We’re trying to give these cats a chance.”

Adult cats are generally the last to go according to Stepp. Most felines are under six months old when they are adopted.

“People sometimes don’t even think about going to the animal shelter for a cat, they want a kitten,” said Stepp.

Adopting a mature cat comes with many perks, they are typically already litter trained, they also are less rambunctious and more mellow which makes them ideal for someone leasing an apartment that doesn’t want to risk property damage or an elderly person who is less capable to handle a more energetic pet.

“Cats are fun, they play with things and stuff,” she said. “I hope that people come in and see all the great cats that we have.”

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