Landslides buckle portion of Vasquez Canyon Road

by Brandon Iriarte 132 views0

12243128_903921269656449_1555066330766163397_nAfter closing Thursday night due to buckled pavement, Vasquez Canyon Road has transformed into something never seen before.

A small portion of the road had been entirely uplifted Friday afternoon due to a landslide from an adjacent hill. The road has now become physically impassable, all while the hillside next to it continues to move.

“The hillside continued to move throughout yesterday afternoon,” said Steven Frasher, the public information officer for Los Angeles County Public Works. “It was only three or four feet above the elevation on the highway. Now 24 hours later, it’s almost 15 feet higher.”12241594_903921216323121_7768833982910212988_n

As the hillside continues to transform the pavement next to it, officials are still trying to determine why it is moving. That process has been stated to take weeks according to Frasher, in which the road will remain closed.

Fortunately, no homes in the area have been affected by the unusable road according to Frasher.

Vasquez Canyon Road has proven to be popular as it connects Bouquet Canyon Road in Saugus with Sierra Highway in Canyon Country. The road served an estimated 7,000 cars per day according to officials. With the landslide, it remains uncertain when the portion of the road will become fixed, or if it can even be fixed at all.


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