Unregistered dirt lot taken away from Canyons students

by Aaron Lanuza 686 views0

College of the Canyons students are now being turned away from parking in the dirt lot along Rockwell Canyon road and University Center drive.

A new “No Parking“ sign was posted at the lots entrance, leaving the space deserted Monday evening.

The lot is a privately owned by the Packard Humanities Institute, UCLA Film & Television Archive who contacted the school in mid-September, COC Vice President of Public Information Eric Harnish speculates.

“The property owner notified the school that they intended to not allow parking there anymore.” Harnish said.

Many students who did not own parking permits or could not find parking on campus used the lot indiscriminately for the past year.

The college never enforced “no parking” regulations in the past because the property is not owned by the school, Harnish said. “People just started parking there.”

Some students were disappointed to find out that they could no longer park there.

“I don’t have a parking pass and sometimes I rely on that dirt lot just to park my car there.” College of the Canyons student Luis Gonzales said.

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