“Steve Jobs” Succeeds at Getting the Job Done

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I have seen several films this year, and am very happy to report that  Steve Jobs was by far the best.

It was exquisitely crafted from beginning to end, every element from the acting to the clothing, hairstyles, and right down to the music selected for the movie was incredible.

As the opening credits begin to roll director Danny Boyle immerses you with interest showing a clip from the 1950s talking to a professor about how computers will eventually changes our lives.

The movie immediately begins by propelling you in the action of the first launch which takes place in 1984. Steve Jobs (Michael Fassbender) is center stage talking to his main engineers Andy Hertzfeld (Michael Stuhlbarg) about why the computer won’t function properly, and Hertzfeld replied “We are not a pit crew at Daytona.”

Another central character to this story was Steve Wozanic (Seth Rogan) or “Woz” as he was referred to. He ask Steve to acknowledge a team of designers that helped out, but he (Jobs) refused which created friction between the two of them.

As the film starts it is shot in such a way that you feel like you are in there in that era. With only an hour or so remaining before the launch Chrisann Brennan (Katherine Waterston) enters the fold with her daughter Lisa (played by three different actresses) claiming that he is her father.

He invites Lisa to play on the new computer while they discuss her situation, she makes a drawing on the computer which will have relevance later on. He gives her some money to appease her.

His assistant Joanna Hoffman (Kate Winslet) is with him every step on the way. Right before Steve steps out onstage her mentor John Scully (Jeff Daniels) is there to meet him and share a small drink together while watching the Super Bowl commercial.

Steve eventually got fired from Apple for getting out of line. The transitions that showed time elapsing were expertly done. It showed small television clips interwoven with Lisa growing up.

The next major launch was four year later in 1988. After leaving Apple Jobs created his next big product which he was going to launch which was NEXT, a new computer that resembled a black cube.

Ironically, the Walkman was just being introduced on a the market which was a big black bulky personal tape recorder. By this time, Lisa was nine years old and her mother was absent.

He was left talking to her while he was getting ready to go onstage. Steve Wosanic showed up trying to clear the air with Jobs… he (Wozanic) let his real feelings be known that he didn’t like him and never had.

Right before going onstage Joanna detects that Steve is holding back, and he is going to go back to Apple. As they were in the hallway Steve was telling her about Skylab a space station and behind him that story was being told perfectly. As a result, the product was a failure.

The third and final launch was in 1998, and this one was for the IMac.

When he returned the first shot you see of Fassbender would make you think you had seen the actual Steve Jobs. He had the look down PERFECTLY.

He had all of it, from the glasses, black turtleneck, and short hair. Also, Joanna’s outfit were dated for the time, she lost the big bulky glasses she wore in the 80’s.

By this time Lisa was 19 years old and was going to school at Harvard. Joanna wanted to have Steve amends for not supporting her, he reluctantly agreed.

Eventually, Steve found out that Andy was much closer to Christian then previously thought, helping Lisa out with tuition, and suggested that she see a therapist. After their conversation, you saw a complete human side of Steve when he began discussing microchips.

The climax was outstanding (which I’m not going to give away but is DEFINITELY worth waiting for) All in all, I would say “Steve Jobs” is ABSOLUTELY an Oscar contender, and not to be missed.

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