Halloween Safety Tips

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Halloween can be one of the most enjoyable times of the year, but there are certain dangers that come along with the festivities of the holiday.

It is important to familiarize yourself with potential threats and keep your family safe this holiday season.

Trick-or-Treating is one of the cornerstones of Halloween. It is also an activity that requires a lot of planning and precautions.

Never let your children trick-or-treat alone, it is recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that children walk either in supervised groups or accompanied by a trusted adult.

While children trick-or-treat it is advised to bring a flashlight and wear either a reflector or glow stick, these can be purchased at most major Halloween stores. Wearing one of these devices will make your children much more visible to vehicles.

It is also wise to avoid wearing costumes that are very dark or black in color as they make it even more difficult for you to be seen by drivers. You must also make sure that any kids you are with use the sidewalks and crosswalks as they would on any other day.

Children can often get excited and want to run from house to house but this puts them at risk of being hit by a motorist.

Once your children have completed their trick-or-treating make sure to check their candy before you allow them to eat any of it. It is advised by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to dispose of any candy that is not factory sealed as well as any homemade treats.

It is impossible to tell what is in a homemade treat, therefore the treat may contain potential allergens or ingredients harmful to your child. Candy that has been unwrapped or features damage to the wrapping such as cuts, pinholes, or disfiguration should also be disposed of. These candies may have been tampered with, making them dangerous for your child to eat.

A considerable amount of thought should be put into your costume choice for the evening. Try to avoid costumes that are particularly heavy, uncomfortable, or bulky as you will likely be in them for several hours.

If your costume requires make-up, try using a small test sample of the make-up on your arm before application. A lot of people have allergies to certain ingredients in make-up, therefore it is important to see how your skin reacts to a new make-up before completely applying it.

Colored contact lenses have become rather popular with costumes on Halloween but people are advised not to wear them. There have been cases of these lenses getting infected, or some of the cheaper lenses not being made to standards of prescription contact lens, which have lead to people having severe eye problems.

Civilians are urged not to carrying any realistic looking weapons as part of their costumes. If your costume requires anything along the lines of a sword, gun, axe, etc. make sure they are easily identifiable as faux costume props.

If you are driving on Halloween be extra careful to obey all traffic laws and pay extreme attention for children trick-or-treating, especially when going through neighborhoods. As always you should not drive if you have had anything to drink. If you intend to celebrate the holiday by drinking simply take a taxi or Uber to and from your destination.

Halloween is an extremely entertaining holiday and by following these simple safety instructions, your holiday will be far more enjoyable.

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