Dracula Shines Brightly at the Black Box

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I had to pleasure to going to see “Dracula” be performed this afternoon at the Black Box Theater and was extremely impressed.

Everything about this production was top notch. from the costumes, dialogue, lighting, makeup and set design. Entering the theater, you couldn’t help but notice the set and what careful detail was put into it. The theater sat about 90, so the setting was very intimate.

The show began with a small detailed biography of Bram Stoker read by Sage Grigsby (Redfield) in a chilling voice.

All of the actors were at the top of their game especially David Adler (Dracula). Every time he was onstage David was mesmerizing, you could tell why he had gotten the lead.

The other main characters were outstanding as well Connor Gould (Harker), Shannon Pedroza (Mina) Jocelyn Fannon (Lucy) and Judge Boothby (Seward). At one point or another they all had a lot of dialogue by themselves, and each of them had their own time to shine.

However, this play was not completely dark. Several times I found myself laughing out loud.  There was one scene in particularly in which Seward was supposed to give a blood transfusion to Lucy, and while he was looking in his bag for the prop said “s**t I can’t find it” but then immediately after located it, and without hesitation went on with the scene never breaking character.

The audience got a chuckle out of that. The acting wasn’t the only thing that was great, the lighting and music that accompanied the play was outstanding as well. The soundtrack that played prior to the show was very hip, even having the Beyoncé hit “Drunk in Love”.

Don’t worry there is an intermission in between the first and second acts. You can also partake in buying snacks and refreshments in the lobby for a bare minimum. My suggestion to you is if you are looking for a great time out, then this is for you and it won’t break the bank.

Tickets are $5 and $10… you should hurry though this show only lasts one more week.. If you would like more information about this show or any of the upcoming events please visit http://www3.canyons.edu/Offices/PIO/CanyonsPAC/
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