COC students react to Umpqua Community College shooting

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After the Umpqua Community College shooting in Oregon this month students and faculty at COC share their reaction and the impact it has had on their sense of on-campus safety.

Most students at COC reacted in the same way the majority of the country did after hearing of yet another mass shooting.

“I was sad. It’s obviously really devastating,” said freshman student Sienna Slater.

“I was really sad for everyone involved. It was a tragic thing that shouldn’t have happened,” student-athlete Garette Updegraft said.

“It was a very unfortunate, sad event,” said geography professor Mary Bates.

The impact of the shooting though has not affected everyone the same. Some students said they feel uneasy about being on campus.

“I do get a little bit nervous, sometimes, coming to school everyday,” Kendall Artman said.

“Honestly, I feel like there is no such thing as a safe area or a safe school. There is no designated safe place,” said Brittany Martin.

Meanwhile, the shooting that took the lives of ten people and injured seven others doesn’t seem to have much an effect on the way some students feel about their safety at COC.

“To be honest, I don’t feel affected at school,” said Updegraft.

“I still feel comfortable coming to school. I don’t ever get nervous or anything. I feel pretty good about it[safety] here,” said Garret Leum.

One student said he feels as though mass shootings have become routine.

“I’m not surprised,” Marlow Cobian said. “A lot of this stuff always happens and our government doesn’t really do anything to help stop the situation.”

COC Public Information Officer Eric Harnish said College of the Canyons implemented “COC Alert” two years ago.

The emergency notification system alerts students, faculty and college employees to any potential dangers like an active shooter, a natural or man-made disaster, severe weather, bomb threats or hazardous materials release.

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