BMW Fitness Boot Camp pushes participants to their limits

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Participants ranging from college students to older adults got their muscles pumping as they underwent rigorous exercises in the SNAC’s BMW Fitness Boot Camp on Thursday.

Performing common workouts like push-ups and tricep dips, group exercise instructor Lexie Jones led the way with intense music to power them through.


“It’s nice to work with different levels of people,” said Jones. “We’re able to show them different ways that they can be strong, and not intimidated by certain workouts.”

The Student Nutrition and Wellness Advocates at C.O.C or SNAC put together a 4-week fitness boot camp as part of their Body, Mind, and Wellness initiative; which aims to encourage a better lifestyle by promoting wellness-related events.

The boot camp itself takes place in the West PE building in room 110. Students are charged $10 to join, while other guests and faculty are charged $20. Waivers are available in the Student Health Center located in the Student Center room 122.

The boot camp is currently heading into its third week on the 22nd, but a future boot camp focusing on gentle yoga and relaxation is taking place starting November 5th.IMG_5107

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