Finding relevance in a community church

by Edward Trevino 0

Higher Vision church recently celebrated 10 years in Valencia.

Its main focus has always been family based, and its message seems to have resonated within the community, it has a strong family presence with ministries for all ages from pre-k through high schoolers.

Its volunteers have an active role in its make- up and infrastructure for the constant daily ministries and connect groups, giving its members a place to stay “plugged in” on a regular basis.

Being active can mean volunteering in a service ministry from hospitality, consisting of assisting and making guest feeling welcome to joining a media team, in which you can find yourself learning to operate a camera, or mixing for the live stream.

The pastor and his staff are A-1 leaders and are passionate for the gospel, and their mission, that is to give back to a community that has welcomed them these past ten awesome years.

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