Addie Farley the ‘Mast Cell’ warrior

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When Addie was 15 months old, doctors discovered her hemoglobin was low and she needed a blood transfusion.

She is currently on IV infusions of saline for hydration 2 times a week, IVIG (which is gathered from blood donors) monthly and iron infusions twice a month. She had a PICC line placed in Feb of 2014, which is basically a constant epi drip in order to keep her reactions under control.

Her triggers include: food, smells, temperature changes, medications (including those that are used to help treat mast cell disease,) and stress.

Addie’s mother, Christen Farley, along with Addie’s 3 older siblings Mikayla, Brandon, and Dustin have also been diagnosed with Mast Cell Disease. They all have different variations of the disease, and different treatments for their symptoms.

Despite the fact that she is fighting an every day battle, Addie still manages to find joy through her favorite activities which include playing with Play-Doh and coloring.

For more information, or those looking to donate to her medical expenses you can find Addie’s crowdfunding page at under the organizer ‘Angels 4 Addie’ or by clicking here.

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