Wings for Life: Making It’s Way Back To Santa Clarita

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Red Bull Wings for Life World Run returned to the City of Santa Clarita and served as the only west coast host city. Olympic athletes and even local runners came out to Santa Clarita early Sunday morning to support Wings for Life in achieving their goals. Wings for Life is a spinal cord research foundation, which funds world-class scientific research and clinical trials around the globe aimed to healing the injured spinal cord.

The Wings for Life world run is unlike any other race: 35 different cities across the globe all began with one start time on Sunday, May 3. Participants around the world all took off at 4 a.m. PST. Thirty minutes into the race, what is know as the “catcher car” moves onto the course and begins to chase the runners. Once the vehicle passes someone, his or her race is considered over.

Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn came out to show her support for the cause.

During the event Vonn said, “It’s definitely something that is very important to me and of course I want to help as much as I can”.

Jesse Billauer, professional surfer and an ambassador for the Wings for Life World run stated, ” It’s cool to put spinal cord injuries out on the map. There are a lot of people that maybe didn’t know anything about that; it could happen to anybody”.

Winners for the Santa Clarita race were Thibault Baronian at 34.3 miles and Shannon Rhalves at 29.6 miles.

Race participant Lemework Ketema won the world title after running a total of 49.7 miles in Austria. Winners are given the choice to run in any of the 32 cities for next year’s race.

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