Take a book, leave a book at a Little Free Library

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It may look like a birdhouse or a mailbox, but it’s a Little Free Library and they’re popping up all over the Santa Clarita Valley. Little Free Libraries can be described as community book swaps. There are no library cards, dues dates or late fees, and you don’t have to whisper or stay quiet.

The Little Free Library movement was founded by Todd Bol. He modeled the first one after a classic school house as a tribute to his mother who was a school teacher.

“It’s for people to come and get together and to bring the community together and enhance reading and [for] everyone to enjoy the opportunity to read,” says Little Free Library owner Sandy Holguin. The concept is simple. You can either take a book or leave one.

“It brings the community together. We’re so busy with everyday life that people never really stop and pause and say hello and while you’re standing here, it’s such an inspiring thing to do that people will actually start talking and getting to know your neighbors and everyone in the community,” Holguin says.

Holguin recently opened up her Little Free Library. Hers is modeled to look just like her house.

“I would love to see a library filled with Arabic books, Spanish books, with anything so it just embraces all the community that’s here,” Holguin says.

There are currently an estimated 25,00 little libraries around the world. Santa Clarita is home to six official little libraries.

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