New addition at Carousel Ranch keeps lessons for kids going

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At Carousel Ranch in Agua Dulce, children with disabilities aren’t just taking pony rides. It’s a place where they practice their body strength, speech and motor skills all on the back of a horse.

In the past, on days where there is rain or extreme heat, their lessons would have been cancelled. But now, thanks to help from the community and generous donations, Carousel Ranch has a new covered arena.

To some, it may just be some concrete and steel but to the children who ride at the ranch, this new covered arena means so much more.

Carousel Ranch is an equestrian therapeutic center for disabled children. Serving eighty five children, the center caters to all ages, all disabilities and with all individual lessons.

“A lot of our kids have severe seizure disorders. They can’t be out in extreme weather, they can’t be out in extreme heat which is our biggest problem here in Santa Clarita Valley, when it’s raining, ” said Carosuel Ranch Founder and Executive Director, Denise Redmond.  “They’re medically fragile so a lot of times, they can’t ride when the weather is not good.”

The new arena stands 21 feet tall and spans fifteen hundred square feet.

“The building of it was not too long. Between when the drills came out to start digging for the footings to when the roof came up was probably, oh I don’t know, about two months or so,” said Carousel Ranch Board of Directors Vice President Eric Stroh.

Redmond believes the new arena will make a personal difference in each child’s life. “The kids love coming here. This is the one thing they get to do. So while brothers and sisters are doing ballet and baseball and soccer on the weekends, this is their activity. This is something they can be proud of.”

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