Herrick’s hard work defines Cougars

by Monica Friedl 790 views0

Meeting up with head women’s basketball coach, Greg Herrick I was able to find out the handwork beneath the talent. Greg Herrick has been coaching for COC as the women’s head coach for 23 years and coaching for a total of 37 years. He found his love for coaching at a young age, and with hopes of becoming a lawyer only then realized that his passion was on the court coaching. Being a basketball player, Herrick understood what needed to be done to create the recipes for successful season years to come.

Coaching for the women’s program here at College of the Canyons, Herrick has won countless league titles, ended up int the final four and many other accomplishments. He has had players inducted into the hall of fame and gotten countless players scholarships to play in ranked division basketball.

Coach Herrick just recently marked a milestone with his 500th win. If anyone knowns the recipe for a successful team and season its one of the most recognizable coaches in league, Greg Herrick.

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