From Firefighter to Music Philanthropist

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Jereme Ventura, Santa Clarita resident and the CEO of Animus Media Group (AMG) and Egoless Productions, turned his old life as a firefighter to start a new venture into the music industry. The name “Animus” is a Latin word meaning spirituality, loyalty, and respect. After many years of shooting and editing video for the Los Angeles Fire Department, he decided to make this an official company.

AMG’s belief to success is not to boast and to respect a client’s confidentiality. Clients have been extremely happy about the sound, the vibe, and not having to worry about who they meet or see walking outside of the studio. Ventura’s business expanded from Animus Media, “the mother-company,” to Egoless Productions. The expansion led to record labels to reach out and work with the company without having contractual issues. But most importantly, the meaning behind Egoless is what shapes the company.

The entertainment industry is filled with people who have an enormous amount of pride. According to Ventura, he named his business Egoless, “Because that’s what the industry is based around. Everybody’s egos and the thoughts of who they are. A lot of artist nowadays forget that it’s not you that’s the star, it’s actually your gift. And your gift is given to the people and the fans. But the fans are ultimately the stars because without them you’re nobody, you’re just somebody with a voice.” Jereme’s biggest desire is to touch people’s lives. As a firefighter, he acted as a community servant which led his humble heart to touch people’s lives through music and emotions. AMG and Egoless Productions is starting to put on concerts for foundations involving leukemia and autism. Jereme’s hopes of using music as a way to raise awareness to certain causes is the one of the most “Egoless” ways to go about the entertainment industry.

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