Dr. Mosleh the professor behind the laughs

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Dr.Majid Mosleh is one of the most interesting professors I have ever had the pleasure of being taught by. He is a very personable man with a knack for teaching others. Dr. Mosleh or simply “The Doc” as his students call him is someone who firmly believes that it is his duty to spread and share knowledge with others he meets and The Doc feels that the best way to reach the masses is through teaching others.

“Teaching is a very noble profession, some of the greatest inventions have come out of colleges and universities.” Dr. Mosleh is a very down to earth professor who prides himself on being easy to talk to and approach by his students, he even gave me chocolate and a cup of coffee during my interview with him. While talking to Dr.Mosleh I could not help but stop smiling, his charismatic personality radiates off of him and his humor is sure to leave the room in stitches every time he leaves.

Dr.Mosleh is a man who truly cares about his students, I was referred into his class by a friend and was instantly captivated by his teaching style. Students around College Of the Canyons are constantly praising Dr.Mosleh for his unique teaching methods which are not only easy to understand but humorous as well, he is a very down to earth professor who is always willing to have a chat.

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