Dr. KC Manji- Music Authority at COC

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Dr. K.C. Manji, C.O.C.’s music director, has been involved in music for more than 5 decades.
She started as a bass player, touring with musical greats like Frank Zappa, among others. However, her greatest strength may have been knowing her limitations.

After 10 years as a touring musician, Dr. Manji decided her playing was just not up to the standards of most of her contemporaries, and she decided to shift her focus to teaching.

Dr. Manji says she recognizes the huge changes that have taken place in the music industry in the last decade or so, and she understands how difficult it could be for even her best students to succeed as professional musicians today.

One thing she says has not changed is that as a musician you just have to do it. Dr. Manji says that one must rehearse and learn the craft as much as possible. This kind of work ethic does not offer any guarantees, but it certainly increases the chances of being successful, in music and in life.

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