Santa Clarita 2020

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Santa Clarita City Council’s new five-year plan is finally being detailed in Santa Clarita 2020, which the Council says they hope is the perfect vision for the city.

The plan, which starts this year and is set to end in the year 2020, focuses on six themes to help gear the city toward a better future.

The plan was originally announced earlier last year, but Mayor Marsha McLean recently delivered the full details on how the Council hopes to accomplish this giant undertaking.

Plans for the vision include the new sheriff’s station, better traffic patterns and the huge clean up of the Whittaker-Bermite property which is currently under works.

The plan also includes changes to the new senior center as a way to improve the quality of life for the people who live there.

To help businesses in the city, the Council is looking to improve the fiber optic infrastructure of new buildings to offer competing and high-quality Internet to jobs that need it, as well as looking to work with the new Economic Development Center to attract jobs from job-rich industries.

This is the first plan of its kind in terms of length. Its comprehensive list of goals shows the commitment the mayor and the Council have to improving the city for the people that live here.

The Council is still listening to public opinion on major developments, such as the California high speed rail, which will have an emergency meeting April 27 to discuss the potential dangers it has to the community.

The plan even focuses on building the creativity of the community by completing its Arts Master program, a road map to cultural development, over the next 10 years. The city will feature art from community members in hopes of building a brighter SCV.

The full list of details and plans will be released on the City of Santa Clarita’s website in the coming weeks. For more information about anything that is happening in Santa Clarita you can sign up for notices at

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