Red Light Cameras Discontinued in Santa Clarita

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Red light cameras are now defunct in the city of Santa Clarita.  This comes after a 3-2 vote from the Santa Clarita City Council in favor of letting the city’s contract with camera vendor Redflex expire last month sending a round of applause through a standing room-only audience.

The cameras created much controversy locally, with some locals saying the cameras trapped them into running a red signal. Citizen advocate Jim Farley explained this phenomenon in detail.

“The dilemma zone is an area that exists when the yellow light is too short,” Farley said. “It exists because there is not enough time for the driver to stop comfortably, but there is also not enough time for the driver to go safely.”

This “dilemma zone” is one of many reasons why the city council voted to eliminate the cameras.

City Councilmen Dante Acosta, TimBen Boydston and Bob Kellar voted in favor of discontinuing the program.

Boydsten expressed that the camera system was “a very unpopular program a lot of our citizens have been hurt really bad by.”

“Studies have shown that they don’t make intersections safer,” he said.

Santa Clarita Mayor Marsha McLean and City Councilwoman Laurene Weste voted against the removal.

“They did make people adhere to the traffic laws,” McLean said. “I’m concerned that with them gone people will fall back into their old habits.”

The City’s Streets/Signage Division have removed all signs indicating intersections are “photo enforced” before a Redflex subcontractor removes all other infrastructure including poles and housing at a later date.

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