Life in the form of music at the Canyons Gallery

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If you took a walk along the halls of the Valencia campus, you may have come across the art exhibit featuring the work of Bernando Feldman titled, “In Red and Black”.  
Between the hours of 2 p.m. and 4 p.m., Mr. Feldman turned on his recorded orchestrated performance to play for students as he explained his score mounted on the walls.
“It’s about acceptance that life is about cycles” Feldman explains.
The music reached a crescendo, manifesting childbirth at the moment of conception. Symbolic moments in his piece alluded to cycles in the human experience as a group of interested viewers inched toward him moving from panel to panel of music.
With his finger following the score, he explained technique used by some of his instrumentalists and pointed out key moments of intensity.
The last final seconds of the piece remain silent. Felman iterates that the silence is still a part of the music.
“This music was meant for live theater. It’s asking for visual expression” poet and onlooker Gideon Faust mentions as he followed Feldman’s analysis.
Conveniently enough, Feldman is teaming up with Media Entertainment Arts professor Jon Amador to accent his peace to give dancers the ability to emulate the media recording in dance along to visually avant-garde backgrounds.
This collaborative experience will be up on exhibit in Mentry Hall for all art and music enthusiasts through the end of this month.  


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