Ford reveals futuristic car, rivals Audi competition

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The way everyone around the world drives their cars is slowly going out of style with companies such as Ford and Audi developing new ways to ride around town.

Earlier this spring, the European division of Ford unveiled their new S-Max with a new technology called Intelligent Speed Limiter. The new system scans the road for speed signs slowing down the car according to the speed limit posted. During the press release the company stated that the S-Max does not apply the breaks it “smoothly controls engine torque by electronically adjusting the amount of fuel delivered”.

It’s not all bad news for speed enthusiasts since Ford has also claimed that the driver can temporally override the system by firmly pressing on the accelerator.

While the new S-Max technology is another step closer into Autonomous cars, also known as driver less cars, Audi has been developing technology of its own.

Autonomous Audi A7
Autonomous Audi A7 concept

Last year Audi unveiled a new concept car that was able to hit 140 miles per hour without a driver. The new concept car is the Audi A7 and it was able to drive over 550 miles from San Francisco to Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this past January.

With the ability to change lanes and adjust speeds the vehicles sensors much like Fords S-Max, gathers information of its surroundings. However these particular sensors allow the car to adjust its steering, transmission, and brakes as needed. Fortunately enough like the fictional Audi in the 2004 movie I Robot, you will be able to manually take control of the car and drive it yourself at any time.

So far the concept A7 can only drive on highways and is far more limited when driving on city roads.

While developments continue for Audi and the vehicle does not have a release date yet.

The new Ford S-Max with Intelligent Speed Limiter will become available in Europe this upcoming summer with no word yet on when the new tech will hit state side.

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