Vista Canyon set to break ground this May

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The stretch of Santa Clara River along the 14 freeway between Sand Canyon and Via Princessa is about to get a huge makeover.

Vista Canyon is a new project from JSB Development, the same company who built the Valencia Town Center.

The development will be home to a new Metrolink station, apartments, shops, restaurants, a park, and a new movie theater.

JSB development partner Steve Valenziano, along with partners Jim Backer and Glenn Adamick, started putting the project together in 2005 and purchased the land in 2006.

JSB held a large number of public meetings to reach out to Canyon Country residents and see what kinds of services they would like on their side of town.

Residents on the east side wanted more stores like Trader Joe’s and have more restaurant opportunities. They wanted to be able to have the amenities that Valencia has without having to go to Valencia.

“Our project represented an opportunity to bring the east side of Santa Clarita some services and infrastructure it has been lacking to date,”  Valenziano said.

The Vista Canyon plan is very unique in that it is a very walkable plan the developers said.  “At no point in our project are you more than half a mile from the town center where all the services and restaurants will be.”

“We’re envisioning a gathering place. A place that has small shops, restaurants, wine bars, bookstores, a place where you really want to just go and meet with friends and have lunch or dinner.”

One of the major objectives of the city in the entitlement for Vista Canyon was to put corporate office space in the east side of the valley.

Valenziano says the goal is to lure businesses from Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley up to Vista Canyon to bring work to Canyon Country, and make life a little easier for commuters.

Vista Canyon will really center around the new town center and new train station.  It’s unclear at this point if the Via Princessa station will remain, or if the Vista Canyon station will take over as the new train station for Canyon Country.

JSB plans to break ground this May for land development.  The construction of Vista Canyon will be an ongoing process over the next six to seven years, so keep your eyes open for the big changes coming to the east side.

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