Tablet stolen from student’s locker at COC’s new Culinary Arts building

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A culinary arts student reported that a tablet was stolen from his or her locker located at the department’s new building on Thursday, according to Eric Harnish, a spokesman for College of the Canyons.

The student had placed the tablet inside the locker before class the prior afternoon or evening, and had noticed it missing after he or she returned.

The locker was apparently left open, since it was unclear to the student on how to properly lock it.

While no suspects have been identified, four people who are not enrolled in the culinary arts program were seen in the building.

The school is also trying to locate another student whose locker was also noticed to have been left opened.

No security cameras are placed within the building, and it is currently unknown whether or not some cameras will be installed, Harnish said.

While it is not illegal to have security cameras in public school hallways or classrooms, the issue over the added surveillance impeding on student privacy can be controversial, according to the National Criminal Justice Reference Service’s website. Security cameras are installed in some of the campus buildings.

Campus security and the culinary arts faculty will be looking into the idea of locking the building’s back door that leads into the hallway where the lockers are located, Harnish said.

It’s unknown if the student filed a police report, but campus safety can only suggest that students file a report when such incidents occur, Harnish said.

“It’s unfortunate for the student involved, but hopefully it won’t happen again,” said Harnish.

The most recent information from the National Center for Education Statistics reports that there was only one burglary and zero robberies at COC in 2013.

The Culinary Arts building officially opened its doors at the Valencia campus for students in February. The building is still undergoing some construction.

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