Students meet with professionals during Media Day at COC

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Video By: Allyssa Dickert

Partnering with West Ranch High School, the College of the Canyons’ Media Entertainment Arts department gave more than 350 students the opportunity to meet with professionals from several industries including film, animation, journalism, sound arts, and game design.

Media Day took place at College of the Canyons, where students could talk to 29 different media professionals of their choosing. The four-hour event was organized in four, 45 minute sessions.

Alongside the speakers, students were able to see industry equipment firsthand including a demonstration of an ABC7 news van, operated by photographer Frank Alli.

Professionals who spoke to students included ABC7’s Phillip Palmer,Leanne Suter, George Pennacchio, and Danny Romero, Disney video game designer Trevor Bennett, and producer/director Branden Morris, who owns a local production company.

“You have to figure out what works for you and move forward,” Palmer told students. “Listen to other people, get as much information as you can. But ultimately, you have to do what works for you.”

The event was co-organized by Jennifer Overdevest, a West Ranch television production teacher and Dave Brill, the Media Entertainment Arts department chair.

Media day first began six years ago at West Ranch, and has increased in both scope and size,  with the help of Overdevest and Brill. Both are pleased they helped make this year’s Media Day the largest so far.

“We heard from students today who said, ‘This is amazing, this gave me an opportunity to actually ask industry professionals questions that I would never had an opportunity to ask,” Brill said.

“I’m very happy with how Media Day turned out. It seems like the students really benefited from the diversity of the presenters, which was an important aspect of this Media Day, compared to previous years.”

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