Spotlight: Nicholas Cogswell

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Nicholas Cogswell is a COC student working as the equipment assistant of the New Media department. At 22 years old, Nick is moving towards the completion of an Associate of Arts degree in filmmaking by Spring 2015.

At the beginning of his college career at COC, he was just another fresh student with an undecided major. After taking a few photography courses, Nick picked up on cinematography and realized his interest in production.

He then decided to intern for the new media department and that’s how he landed the position he currently has in the equipment room. Besides helping students handle expensive equipment, Nicholas has had a few exciting days at work. He recalls doing some work for Cougar News the day Six Flags Magic Mountain’s oldest treasure caught fire. “Once I finally got a break we found out that Colossus was burning and no other journalism student was there so Ron and Dave asked me to go help Heather get b-roll”.

That may be too much excitement for the laid back film major. For Nicholas nothing comes close to the anticipation of graduating and landing a job in the field. Now he is narrowing down colleges and universities to transfer to with the best cinema and media programs.

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