Sensory deprivation may find popularity in Santa Clarita

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Elevate Float Center just opened its doors to the city of Santa Clarita less than four weeks ago, making this business the single float center within thirty miles.

“I like it, it’s just the darkness, I got to get used to it” Elevate floater Federico Saade is afraid of floating with the lights off. He said he hated the idea of not having control of your own body, but after exiting the tank after nine minutes, he was happy to report that his skin felt smooth and his shoulders less tense.

In the tank, the height reaches six feet and five inches. When lying down the length of the tank is over seven feet by about four and a half feet.

For the first five minutes of lying in the tank, music is playing though the 10 inches of water to have its users slowly drift into deeper concentration.

Federico is an entrepreneur and manages his own team of workers for a living; So he came Elevate Float Center for a chance to let go. He intends to make regular trips but realizes that he’ll have to take baby steps for now.

Float tanks and sensory deprivation has been attracting more curious and interested enthusiasts in the recent decade after popular users such as Joe Rogan and as seen in movies such as the 1980’s film, “Altered States” began bringing this new therapy into the light.

Owners Kevin and Brad saw the potential in float tanks after experiencing it for themselves and in six months time had the facility up and running.

Both men share a personal interest in creating the right atmosphere and treating their customers to great service and deep relaxation.

The facility itself modern, clean and quiet. Kevin remarks, “It’s an experience from the very first step through our doors” and is always excited to hear a new floating experience. After each float, individuals have the opportunity to sit and share their experience with Kevin and Brad. The two owners are always happy to share advice and stories of their own.

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