New renovation plans for Old Orchard Park discussed

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The Santa Clarita Department of Parks and Recreation held a second meeting at Old Orchard Elementary School to discuss two renovation plans for Old Orchard Park. Residents sat in and discussed the two developments as well as gave suggestions in hopes that the park will be versatile for all ages.

Tom Riley, parks development administrator for the city, discussed differences in both plans and what they hope to accomplish when they begin developing. Although there is much to do to the park, the two proposals will not accommodate all ideas and suggestions due to the budget and space of the park.

“The ball diamond in the park — it’s currently not lit for night play and there’s no proposal to put lights up on that part” Riley said.

Restoring the park will have a great impact on the adjacent elementary school, as students will it as their playground area during the day and not have to worry about outside visitors having access during school hours. The park is outdated which causes families to bring their children to the the school playground.

The overall outcome is to choose a proposal that will accommodate people of all ages and most importantly be safe.

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