Microsoft pins hopes on Windows 10

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Windows 10, the upcoming version of Microsoft’s operating system, is the company’s new hope to remove itself from the shadow of Windows 8.

The new OS seeks to improve where its latest predecessor failed by offering ease of use features and new layouts that returns Windows to its roots to help take Windows into the future.

Some new internal features such as Cortana, Microsoft’s AI personal assistant that can already be found on most up to date Windows phones, and the new universal app setup seek to push the idea of a computer being connected to your everyday life even further.

Cortana will be the system you use to keep track of important dates, and dates from your computer or phone, similar to Apple’s Siri, though on more devices and seemingly more uses. The universal apps will no longer create a separate screen off the desktop where they will exist, instead they will now be found in their own window on the desktop where they will “float.”

Microsoft is keeping the square look with its new OS but taking a slight step back, forgoing the modern layout start menu of Windows 8 for the classic start menu we all came to know over the years of previous Windows’ systems. The app layout will remain the same, but will no longer be its own screen but an add-on to the start menu itself.

Of course Microsoft is no longer just a PC software developer. Windows 10 will be used across all platforms such as phones and tablets, like their flagship tablet the Surface Pro which will have access to both the tablet version and the PC version of the software allowing the user to customize their experience when needed. This will also carry over into Microsoft Office which will be available to mobile platforms as well and with Microsofts One Drive cloud service all your files will be connect to your devices as well.

Windows 10 is also introducing a new Internet browser, Project Spartan. Originally supposed to be a second browser on the system it will now be replacing Internet Explorer after nearly twenty years of use. To keep in line with its Halo theme, it will also have Cortana as a feature of the browser. Project Spartan is Microsoft’s answer to competing web browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Project Spartan will also work with Chrome extensions that modify the browser to the user’s liking.

Windows 10 is set to be released as early as June, though officially slated for summer this year.

No price has been given yet but it will be offered for free to current Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 users for a full year from the release date. This even includes pirated or cracked versions of the software people have stolen from online as reported by Reuters earlier this month.

Cougar News will give a full breakdown of features and uses of the system when it is fully released for upgrade.

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