Far from home with mixed emotions

by Laura Pichler 626 views0

The number of international students at College of the Canyons keeps growing. Laura Pichler got a chance to sit down with Sae Kikuchi from Japan and Mirza Dawood Baig from Saudi Arabia.

The students shared some of their many experiences of living in a foreign country. Although their opinions are very diverse, the interview gives a new perspective about life in the United States, allowing everyone to look at America with external eyes.

While Sae from Japan loves how many new and friendly faces she encounters everyday, Mirza from Saudi Arabia believes that people are “working like machines (…) and don’t have time for each other.” Sae wants to work in Los Angeles and travel the world, Mirza on the other hand wants to get his degree as soon as possible and return to his home-town Medina.

Their adventures offer more than an insight in the students’ lives and ability to adapt, they show how their home-countries different cultures and traditions affect their perception of America in many ways.

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