CSUN proposes changes for COC, other junior college transfer students

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40,131. That could be the population of a small town-but it’s also the number of students that enrolled in California State University Northridge last year.

The local university has announced a proposal to lower that number and reduce enrollment by about 300 students every year for the next four years.

Media Relations Director at California State University Carmen Chandlier explains the changes are meant to focus on more local community colleges. “We have traditionally looked the other way and accepted students from all across¬†Southern California that want to come here. So what we’re going to do is contract that a little bit and focus on those communities that we’re supposed to be serving.”

The plan is to create a local area that would include 17 community colleges, including College of the Canyons, from which the university would accept transfer students.

Students outside the area would have to meet a higher a GPA requirement and would be accepted only if there are available spots.

These proposals come after years of overcrowding and budget cuts but Chandlier says the situation has now reached a critical point. Chandlier says state funding is not sufficient enough to handle the number of student who are coming into the university every year. She says state funding is at levels from years ago and the proposed changes are being made in the hopes of mitigating the financial situation.

With such a sweeping change in enrollment policy, COC students think that focusing on local community colleges is a positive change.

There are those however who think it might be unfair to some students. College of the Canyons English professor Mary Peterson believes it hinders the students’ future sucess. “Maybe it limits students possibilities. I’m starting to think maybe I don’t like the idea because it limits students options about where they can transfer and just tunnel visions them into one CSU,” according to Peterson.

Along with changing acceptance policies, CSUN also has plans to declare impaction for four of its majors – Music, Psychology, Kinesiology and Cinema and Television Arts.

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