Campus clubs offering students different opportunities

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With thousands of students mindlessly passing each other by on the way to class everyday, the intimacy that a four-year college may demonstrate can at times feel non-existent on campus.

The clubs that College of the Canyons offers gives students the opportunity to change that educational isolation by bringing the teachings of the classroom into a setting were it could be discussed amongst peers.

This semester’s continuation of the ASG sponsored Club Rush event turned the center of the campus into an area where frisbee throwing and eating pizza in the grass seems like an everyday occurrence.

Fifty-four clubs are now available for students to choose from, most of which had tables set up in the Honor Grove, trying to attract students to attend regular club meetings, according to German Hernandez, the ASG Vice President of Inter-Club Council.

“It’s important for students to get involved [in clubs] because it gives them an outlet to really practice what it is that they’re learning, or really develop their interest, whatever that may be,” said Hernandez.

The Sigma Kappa Delta English Honors Society is hoping to continue English majors’ interest in the subject by working with the English club and previewing English programs that particular universities offer.

“For example, UCLA has a very extensive English program, so we’re going to have that on display for everyone,” said Colette Blake, president of the Sigma Kappa Delta English Honors Society. “We’ll let them know where they’re going and what to expect.”

Blake has been partly responsible for helping bring Sigma Kappa Delta back to COC, after the club disbanded five years ago. Blake’s former British literature professor, Ruth Rassool, urged her to become a founding member.

Besides this year’s resurrection of the honors society, students will also get to witness the collaboration of former COC Most Outstanding Club of the Year, the Geography Club, and the brand new Geology Club, according to Nick Walker, president of the Geography Club.

“Geography is so relevant to almost every major, that no matter what you are, it’s a place you can relate to,” Walker said. “The idea is to try to draw in the geography people, the geology people, just everybody. We’re basically going to do the same things. I’m not too sure about what they’re going to do exactly, but I know there is going to be a ton of collaboration.”

Geography club meetings will be held on Tuesdays in Boykin Hall room 112 from 5:20 p.m. to 6 p.m.

The English honors society meetings are Bi-weekly on Tuesdays at 2 p.m. in Student Center room 128. Sigma Kappa Delta does have minimum GPA requirements and requires a fee to join.

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