Tattoos are taking a stand against cancer

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People with tattoos at times can be stigmatized into being the hardcore, outspoken, rambunctious type. But for one local shop their tattoos are raising a voice for cancer.

Eternal Art Tattoo hosted its second annual Tattoo’s Cure Cancer event, which aimed to raise awareness for the fight against cancer.

The event took place in Canyon Country in November and consisted of 13 tattoo artists from all over Los Angeles.

The tattoos began with tattoo artistsimple ribbon tattoos to more elaborate ones with roses, butterflies and other designs supporting family and friends who’ve struggled with the battle against cancer and survivors.

The prices for the tattoos ranged from $50 to $100 and half of the proceeds went to Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles while the other half was distributed to the Go Fund Me site and the local shop.

Adam Guyot, owner and tattoo artist of Eternal Art Tattoo, came up with the concept of Tattoos Cure Cancer when the vision came to him in a dream.

When Guyot found out his father had cancer he envisioned a way to raise money for cancer patients and help people win the battle against cancer.

“My father passed away in 2004 from lung cancer and I actually saw a t-shirt in a dream that said Tattoos Cure Cancer on it and was like wow I’ve got to do something with that,” Guyot said.

Although the idea took 10 years, Guyot brought his dream to life last year when he hosted the first annual Tattoos Cure Cancer in his shop off of Soledad Canyon Road.

All supplies were donated by King Pin, an organization that created biogel disposal rinse cups to keep tattoos stations clean and sanitary.

Families, friends and supporters of the cause came out to get personalized tattoos for fellow family members and loved ones that battled with all types of cancer.

Nathan Giraldo, an attendee and supporter of the cause had a specific idea for his tattoo that evening.

“My grandfather lost his battle with cancer a few years ago, about three years ago, so this is kind of just to honor him,” said Giraldo, who already had a portrait of his grandfather who served in the Korean War tattooed on his arm.

I, myself, chose to get a tattoo for my aunt who passed away a few years back of lymphoma cancer. Although I had never had a tattoo before this, I felt these artists knew what they were doing.

The 13 artists volunteered their time and talent to make the event an overall success and were glad to be a part of something with a greater cause.

They made the event a very welcoming environment to unfamiliar faces and everyone was one big family, which made it easier to agree that getting a tattoo, whether it’s your first or seventh was a good idea because you were getting it for an even greater cause.

The event raised a little over $7,000 and was divided evenly amongst the charities and tattoo shop.

Guyot hopes to raise even more than last year by selling merchandise online through his website

And if you’re not one to get a tattoo, “You can purchase t-shirts, wristbands, hats, beanies, tank tops, all types of silk screen products,” says Guyot to support this important cause.

He will also be traveling to several tattoos shops promoting Tattoos Cure Cancer and dreams of expanding his charity all around U.S.

Guyot and his team are in the process of creating an app that will allows users to pick a tattoo, send it to their local shop, and pay and donate right at the palm of their hand.

“It’s all about really not raising awareness about cancer because everybody’s knows about cancer and that it exists, but it’s more about creating something we can support a family that’s going through their battle with cancer,” says Collette Langston, an employee at Eternal Art Tattoo.

The shop is also raffling off an electric guitar, donated by Legator Guitars, a SoCal based company, this coming Saturday. People can purchase tickets online at for $1 a ticket or 50 tickets for $25 if you missed out on purchasing them at the event.

With this year’s turnout it looks like tattoos just might be the new statement against cancer.

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