Send a digital valentine to a child at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

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Children’s Hospital Los Angeles is getting ready to distribute thousands of Valentine’s Day cards to their young patients once again. These cards bring the joy of Valentine’s Day to children that can’t experience it at home or at school because they are in the hospital.

Valentine’s can be sent to young patients throughout Children’s hospital simply by visiting The website offers three templates for cards and a place to add a special note.

The CHLA’s goal this year is to gather 20,000 valentine’s and to “shower each and every one of our patients with valentines…” Last year, CHLA received more than 30,000 messages from 100 countries. The children received a special gift bag filled with cards and parents enjoyed them as well.

“There are so many things that a child in the hospital misses. When special events like Valentine’s Day come around and our patients see that they are getting valentine’s, just like their friends, they are absolutely thrilled. The valentines themselves are a wonderful surprise but then to learn that people outside these walls sent them because they care about them. That is sometimes the best surprise of all.” Wendi Kellaris, manager of the Volunteer Services Program, said in an interview with Wendi also assists in the distribution of the Valentine’s cards to CHLA’s young patients.

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