Miss Mexico US tells her story

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From age 3 to now performing under the stage lights and showing off her outgoing personality has never been a fear to Setareh Khatibi, a Santa Clarita native who was Miss Mexico U.S. in 2013.

Khatibi is a pageant queen who lived her whole life in Santa Clarita, and has competed in pageants throughout Santa Clarita as well as doing theater art plays in college.

“I just remember the way the spotlight felt, and it felt like home,” Khatibi said. “I just knew right then and there this is what I wanted to do; I want to be on stage.”

At COC she was involved in performing arts. Khatibi starred in many plays at the performing arts center including “The Hobbit” and “Rent” and many more.

Today, pageants aren’t the only thing Khatibi is doing with the entertainment industry. She is also a host on the show Our Valley Santa Clarita on SCVTV, a public broadcaster in Santa Clarita.

Our Valley Santa Clarita is an entertaining, inspiring and educating show for viewers who aspire to succeed. Khatibi and her co-host Bill Miranda interview guests who tell their stories of how they overcame many challenges to achieve success.

In 2012, Khatibi auditioned for Univision’s sixth season of “Nuestra Belleza Latina,” a televised beauty pageant and reality show where 12 young women compete to become Univision’s next TV personality at the age of 25.

“Not only did you have to have the beauty pageant skills, but you also had to prove that you had many other talents,” Khatibi said.

The winner of the show was picked by public vote and out of thousands of people who auditioned, Khatibi took first runner-up on the show viewed by more than 8 million people.

“That to me was a huge accomplishment. That’s why I am able to do the things I love now,” Khatibi said. “That was actually the second time I auditioned, and the first time I went on this show I was the first one booted off.”

She also competed for Miss California representing Newhall at the age of 26 in 2012.

Criticism never put Khatibi to shame. She took it as motivation to own the next pageant she did.

“You can’t give the option of failure; it’s just you succeed or you succeed, the end,” Khatibi said.

“Don’t tell me the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon.”

Winning first runner-up opened many doors for Khatibi; she then competed in the 2013 Miss Mexico U.S. pageant in Hollywood and Las Vegas.

Khatibi was crowned Miss Mexico U.S. representing Sinaloa at age 28.

Miss Mexico U.S. is a beauty pageant aimed at the Mexican women living in the U.S.

Contestants were judged off of demonstration of self-confidence, intelligence, and beauty.

Khatibi explains how people in her life have influenced her to follow her career path.

“Every person you meet in life are there to teach you something,” Khatibi said.

She explains how knowing people on a personal level can open many doors. “People are going to be able to help each other, thats why we are here on earth,” Khatibi said.

Khatibi was very passionate about reaching her dreams and her advice was “live as though you already got it!”

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