Youth Baseball In Santa Clarita Valley

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With warm weather all year, a plethora of knowledgeable and experienced coaches, and hundreds of eager kids, Santa Clarita is a powerhouse for youth baseball in southern California. It’s no wonder why people get drafted to play professional baseball from the SCV year after year.

From age five, children have the opportunity to pick from many local leagues. Beyond those leagues, there are many opportunities for children to play on club teams that travel to tournaments as far away as Cooperstown, New York.

Michelle Bodeau, auxiliary board director at Hart baseball believes t is great to have kids involved in youth sports such as baseball because, “it gives them something productive to do. They’re not hanging out on the street.”

The Santa Clarita Valley has a reputation of breeding talented young ballplayers who play the game hard. Thanks to the abundance of coaches with college and professional playing experience, kids get the opportunity to learn the true nature of the game of baseball.

Although teaching kids the game of baseball is the goal, it is not the most important thing the kids will learn. It’s all about making friends, and learning some valuable lessons along the way. These include discipline, hard work, honesty, accountability, and responsibility.

These young ballplayers will learn a great deal about the game of baseball during their youth careers. Some great memories and lifelong friendships are sure to be made along the way.

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