Wakefield Court’s Candy Cane Lane brings the Christmas spirit to life

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In Saugus, off Copper Hill, Wakefield Court is shining almost as bright as the Las Vegas Strip.

Anyone is welcome to join every night once the sun is down. Today until a week after Christmas, the lights will be up for showing.

Starting in 1994, residents on Wakefield Court come together to put the spirit of the holiday throughout visitor’s emotions.

I interviewed a resident who had said they use, “around three thousand lights,” which is only one house alone. There is not one house on Wakefield Court that doesn’t have at least one strand of lights up. Not only is every house lit up, but also residents put up their purchased lights all on their own.

One particular resident was bitter in regards to last minute decorations telling me, “I am tired and I want to be done.” Although, he still had a huge smile on his face.

When it turns to dusk, come to Wakefield Court Candy Cane Lane to experience Christmas magic that is up in the air either once or a handful of times!

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