The Crystal Cult: Taking over the world one vape pen at a time

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Closing out the year, “vape” was named the word of the year and one girl certainly helped that trend with her

The Black Beauty Vape
The Black Beauty Vape

company, The Crystal Cult.

The Crystal Cult is a company that started out of Santa Clarita, California. It consist of clothes, sun glasses and their most popular product, vapes.

But not just any vapes. Totally blinged out and flashy vapes. All hand crafted with genuine Swarovski crystals.

The Aztec Mod Vape
The Aztec Mod Vape

All catering to women who love the classy lifestyle.

The company was founded by a Santa Clarita local by the name of Olivia Alexander.

It started when she went to a vape shop and bought a few vapes. The clerk tried to sell her stickers to decorate the vape but she wasn’t falling for them.

She went home and decided to bling out her vapes. She went back to the store and showed the guy and he liked them so much he decided to buy a few from her.

She thought she was onto something. So decided to make a few more and sell them. With that along came her flashy sun glasses and her unique clothing.

That’s when the Crystal Cult was born. Olivia took advantage of today’s popularity of social media and put her product out there. Starting an Instagram.

Within a month Miley Cyrus tweeted a photo of herself wearing a pair of glasses from the Crystal Cult and her followers immediately grew.Miley

Little by little as her followers on Instagram went up so did the amount of orders she received.

However the quality and design of the products spoke for themselves.

As she began to gain notoriety she had to enlist the help of her family to help her keep up with jessie-j-600x800the orders.
About a year later Jessie J wore a pair of their glasses in the Bang Bang Video.

The crystal cult was just featured on MTV, The New York Times, Kelly and Michael and countless of other fashion blogs, and magazines.

What Olivia did not know is how many guys would be interested in her vapes. Not so flashy and blinged out but she found that guys were attracted to the unique designs of the vapes that could only be found with The Crystal Cult.

Today, The Crystal Cult continues to grow but the company is still strictly family run and everything is still hand made.

Screen_Shot_2014_08_22_at_4.59.24_PM__65394.1408752112.1280.1280The other side to The Crystal Cult is not only do they sell vapes for the flavored Ejuice they also sell vapes for marijuana.

photo_7__48965.1405328903.1280.1280Marijuana being the controversial topic it is by nature I was curious to know if she got any backlash for it.

She told me “all the time. There are some people who just dislike the idea of weed being used for recreational use.”

I asked her how she handles the negative criticism for selling products for marijuana. She explained to me how she is not a heartless person and thinks it needs to be regulated.

“I do not support children smoking weed. 18 and over or even 21 it does need to be regulated,” she stated.

“With that said I do not think there is anything wrong with weed but it needs to be more discreet that that’s what my product is,” she continued.

We agreed that while there is nothing wrong with weed children should not walk down the street and see someone hitting a bong.

“My vapes makes smoking weed classy and discreet. Nobody knows what’s in my vape but me,” she said.

Products from The Crystal Cult make the perfect gifts this holiday season. To see more of their product visit or follow them on Instagram @thecrystalcult.

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