Spotlight: Peter Hepburn

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COC Head Librarian, Peter Hepburn sat down with Cougar News reporter, Nikki Yanover to give us an inside look on his contributions to the library, as well as some of his hobbies outside of work.

Hepburn has worked in the library for about two years. When he is not working downstairs at the Reserves desk, he is working on his special collections in the technical services offices along with the help of fellow librarian, Sylvia Black.

Being a native of British Columbia, and having previously lived in Chicago, Hepburn has adjusted to California’s beautiful weather and culture quite nicely.

In his free time Hepburn, critiques books and DVDs for the magazine publication, Library Journal. His favorite reads are science fiction novels that are scary, but not necessarily gory. Aside from reading in his free time, Hepburn enjoys trying new restaurants and wines. He is a food connoisseur with a background in culinary arts, as he had experience cooking in restaurants for almost seven years. He recently visited vineyards in Napa Valley after completing the Napa Valley Marathon. To keep active and stay in shape, Hepburn often swims at the COC pool before coming in to work.

Hepburn really enjoys his time here in California and is hopeful for the new life experiences his future holds.

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