Santa Clarita evaluating red light cameras

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Red light cameras are triggered by sensors located behind the limit line at intersections. These sensors detect a vehicle’s speed and determine whether or not a person will be running a red light. If a person is photographed, the picture is first examined by an officer in order to confirm that a traffic violation has occurred. If the violation is confirmed, the offender will be mailed a citation.

The cameras have been criticized for a number of reasons, including the length of the yellow light at Santa Clarita’s monitored intersections.  Many critics say left turn arrows in particular create a dilemma for drivers because the yellow lights on these signals are too short. In fact 96% of citations handed out are for left turns.

The city of Santa Clarita says they are completely evaluating every aspect of their red light camera program, including it’s financial feasibility. The  evaluation should be completed by early 2015.

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