International Poetry reading at COC

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The Language Department set up their fourth international poetry reading. Students from all around College of the Canyons had performed poetry readings in languages anywhere from German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Chinese. Even languages not offered on campus were present such as Portuguese, Russian and American Sign language.The poetic exchange was an important event that brought students, teachers and guests closer to the sounds that bond men and women in different countries.  This cultural experience was part of a week long International education week. The International education week was designed to give students the opportunity to get enculturated by the people and cultures found in and around Santa Clarita.

An array of professors showed great admiration for their students that went up to perform. Each introduction was enriched with a background on the piece and or about the student performing the piece. Students such as Christine Cholindres, Student government president had empowering performances justly representing the languages being presented. Christine is a highly active student on campus, participating in several extra curricular activities. She comes from a Spanish speaking background and was very proud to read her poem, “Como Va A Ser Tu Dia Hoy” by Mario Benedetti. Christine says she reads this poem every day and its words keep her motivated to succeed. Her voice was just one of the many that made poetry their outlet for true expression.

Dr. Claudia Acosta is the department Chair for modern languages at College of the Canyons and is opening the door to international exchange like COC has never seen before. Due to the International Services and Programs department, COC has increased from 117 international students on campus since June to 240. Cultural exchange is becoming much more prevalent and Dr. Acosta knows full well that her students can benefit from international exchange. The Language Department plans to have another International Poetry reading along with other cultural events come next semester.

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