Dirt bikes, shovels and world records

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You may not know his name, but I’m sure you’ve seen his work. Did you see Robbie Maddison jump the Arc de Triomphe on New Years Eve? Or Travis Pastrana’s first 360 at X Games? How about Thomas Pages doing the first ever Flare during Red Bull X Fighters?

Dane Herron was raised in the San Diego suburb of El Cajon, Ca. where he, like many other San Diegans, grew up riding dirt bikes. Unlike most though, Dane is one of the few who was able to mix his childhood passion for all things FMX and his knowledge in construction to become the most well known and sought after FMX course designer and builder in the world.

In 1999, Dane got the call from ESPN to build the X Games FMX course on the San Francisco pier. “It was nerve wrecking and exciting all at the same time” said Herron. The nerves must have not gotten to him because since that day he has been creating some of the most memorable, epic and versatile courses the industry has ever seen. ESPN.com has called Dane and his course designs, “The gold standard in freestyle motocross.”

If building world class courses wasn’t enough, Dane is also the behind the scenes guy coordinating, designing and engineering to help athletes achieve their dreams of shattering world record jumps. “The trust and respect I’ve gained from the riders over the years was a natural fit when they needed someone to help make their possibilities, reality.”

Dane has accomplished so much in his young 38 years and he’s done it through hard work, sacrifice and dedication. “I’m fortunate to get to do this,” Herron said. “I get to travel the world, be a part of the sport that I love and help some of the best athletes in the world achieve their goals. I am living my dream.”



Dane Herron, owner of Dane Herron Industries, Inc.




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