COC goes organic

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The Santa Clarita Farmer’s Market at the COC parking lot offers a variety of organic produce every week. Local farmers meet on Sundays from eight to 12 to bring their vegetables and fruits closer to residents.

Among the stands, customers can also find honey, herbs, eggs, flowers and snacks, such as kettle corn and crepes.

In order to guaranteer the quality of the produce, prices are 5 to 10 % higher compared to grocery stores. Nevertheless the costumers believe that it’s worth it; “you’re buying from a family farm that is supporting it and trying to raise a family,” Tony Steward, a regular costumer said.

For Steward, freshness is a key factor when buying fruits and vegetables. According to vendor Derik Galbraith “the guys pick it (vegetables) that day and then you’re eating produce that is two days old.”

Indeed, the Santa Clarita Farmer’s Market is Ventura County certified, which means that everything is grown and produced locally.

Check out for more information and to find the Farmer’s Market closest to you.

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