Spotlight: Roger McClure

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Placerita Nature Center is home to many California native plants and wildlife. Docent Naturalist, Roger McClure, has been volunteering his time working there since 1999. He helps with many of the activities that Placerita provides for guests.

Being a Docent Naturalist means that McClure had training about Placerita, and is able to lead hikes to educate guests about what is home to.

Almost every Sunday, McClure presents different animals for the animal show, where families get to learn more about the many creatures that live at the Nature Center. McClure also usually heads the bird watching activities that happen the first two Saturdays of every month.

Throughout the week, Placerita has a learning program called “Windows Into the Wild,” where students get to learn about the park and then go on a hike to reinforce what they learned.

Anybody interested in volunteering can do so any time they would like by contacting the Nature Center. For Docents, training is held once a year from January to March.

For more information, visit Placerita’s website.



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