Spotlight: Robert Klein

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Robert Klein is one of the assistant baseball coaches here at College of the Canyons and with about 37 years of experience between USC and COC, you can see why he’s had so much success.

In 1979 he was drafted straight out of COC by the California Angels and proceeded to play a year and a half of Rookie Ball, which is where most draft picks get their start. After deciding to give up his playing career  he immediately returned to COC and served three years as the pitching coach from 1982-84, winning a California Junior College Championship in 1979.  In 1987 he moved on to be a volunteer assistant coach for the USC Trojans, even being named as one of the Assistant Coaches of the Year by Collegiate Baseball in 1998.

He spent 31 years as a Sargent Supervisor and Night Watch Commander for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department until retiring last April. He says coming out to coach everyday and doing something he loved really helped ease the stress of the work he did as a sheriff. Not only does he love coming out here for the baseball side of it and being on the field everyday,  he loves to be able come out and help his players learn and be successful off the field, which in his opinion is the most important part. Although he does stress the point of helping the players become well rounded people, there is one thing you could easily sense while talking to him…

…He wants another championship.


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