Spotlight: Phillip Lopez

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Phillip Lopez is a Ceramics Arts teacher at Golden Valley High School as well as a soccer coach. He has been teaching for 10 years and coaching for 15 years. One of his favorite parts about coaching is watching his young athletes develop into better coordinated players.

As for the arts, ceramics has been a way to share with others the beauty of art. Lopez one hundred percent believes that being creative can be fun and help in all academic core classes. Apart from coaching and teaching ceramics, he enjoys going kayaking on his free time and even owns about 7 kayaks.

As a coach Lopez determines positions, who makes the team and over all sees how the how the players connect when on the field. Although he was not a soccer player in high school (he was actually a track and field runner) soccer came into his life when he got the chance to watch his sons play on a team when they were young. His son now co-coaches with him and Coach Lopez says he plans on coaching as long as he can.

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