Spotlight: Jeff Nelson

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Jeff Nelson Grew up in San Rafael, California, a quiet city just north of San Francisco. He first attended Yale and graduated from Stanford University. Currently, he and his wife Sabrina are co-founders of and The Healthy Lifestyle Expo. Their plant-based journey began when Sabrina was diagnosed with Relapsing Polychondritis, an uncommon, chronic disorder of the cartilage. Sabrina found hope when she read a book which explained that diseases of this type responded favorably to a plant based diet. After just 3 months of being vegan Sabrina found out that she was in remission.

Jeff and Sabrina wanted to share their experience so they created, a hub for health related information, videos, and interviews. They also run the Healthy Lifestyle Expo in Valencia every fall, where top experts give presentations and share healthy lifestyle stories and advice. Jeff didn’t intend for this to become a business, it just became one as it got more popular. He says “it’s cool to see that other people have gotten rid of their disease and are healthy again because of something that we posted on the internet.”

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